Welcome to JP-G.de

This is my personal webpage where you can find information about me, my research articles, teaching material, and The Bright Side of Mathematics.

Some words about me:

I am a self-employed mathematician from Germany and, until 2022, I was working at Hamburg University of Technology. I always enjoy broadcasting knowledge and therefore I work on many different projects to produce learning materials in Mathematics. The Bright Side of Mathematics is my largest outcome so far and still growing. $$\mathbb{K}\text{nowledge} \xrightarrow{n \rightarrow \infty} \infty $$ Everyone who is interested in Mathematics can watch all the video tutorials I produce for free on YouTube. However, if you want to support me, you can visit my Steady-Page and become a Patreon. Other possibilities for supporting me can be found here.

Beyond that, I am interested in spectral theory, perturbation theory, dynamical systems and mathematical questions in physics.

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